Battletech – the year is 3025

The party has just graduated from New Avalon Institute for Science College of Military Science (NAIS CMS)
They have been posted to Mech Lances in the 2nd NAIS Cadet Cadre.

There is an interesting mix of officers: Capt Degreer, Capt Prenderghast, Lt Huber, 2nd Lt Laurens.

There are four non-commissioned officers, Sgts Dubal, Wolf, Morgan, and Jaeger.

Three are women, four are nobles, three are Federated Suns, one is Fed Suns Outback, two are Lyran Alliance, and one is Free Worlds League.
Two are techs, and two are medics.

Three pilot heavy mechs, three medium mechs, and one light mech.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Second NAIS Cadet Cadre 3025

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