Second NAIS Cadet Cadre 3025

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Leaving NAIS CMS behind
Destination First Posting - 2nd NAIS Cadet Cadre

Finally on the Jump ship taking us to the Second NAIS Cadet Cadre.

There are 24 mechwarriors from NAIS CMS destined to fill up a couple of companies in the battalion there. None of the command component is on the ship.

I’ve met the rest of my lance. Captain Prenderghast and Sgt Dubal, I already knew. We’ve one other, 2Lt Lorin who has managed to be insubordinate to the Lance Cdr, and basically ignores Sgt Dubal and I.

He must have been a little beyond tipsy in the Officer’s Mess. He intimated that Capt Prenderghast shouldn’t have had his posting to Lance Cdr, not sure if it was because he isn’t a noble. Capt Prenderghast charged him with conduct unbecoming. It sounds like the charge was hand-waived. ~It is going to be great working with 2Lt Lorin.

He also chatted up Capt Meach Degreer, one of the other Lance Cdrs. She was wise enough to brush him off. Perhaps the Lance Cdrs will be good leaders. I guess we’ll see.

Capt Prenderghast, Sgt Dubal and I have been through Spec Training together. I don’t really know the others much.

Capt Prenderghast invited us to a dinner with Capt Degreer’s lance. Not a bad evening. The officers got us each to introduce ourselves. There’s a Sgt Gabriel Morgan, and a Lt Huber. They both seemed pretty quiet. Sgt Morgan has been trained as a scout, I’ve not really seen him before. He’s got a hunchback. I’ll have to talk to him about that some time.

Sgt Dubal and Lt Huber are both techs so they worked on getting our Mechs to fit some of the bulkier kit. Lt Huber tried speaking German to me; he needs some practice. But he did a sweet job on the Trebuchet. He is interested in things Lyran. Nice to see a different reaction from the usual ooohh a Lyran Officer (and then the smirk). Perhaps I should have been a bit more forthcoming. It is hard to figure some of these types out. He’s a Fed Suns noble type, and it kind of shows for all he’s pretty quiet.

Must be odd for these junior officers to be reporting to officers of almost their rank in the same lance. At least as sergeants it is more straightforward.

I tried to get some insight into the Star League technology used on the jump ship. I got a tour in exchange for working in the Medical Inspection Room (MIR). I actually got to set a broken leg recently. Nothing too exciting so far, but it keeps me out of the politicking in the mess, and occupied doing something useful. It is otherwise pretty quiet on the ship here, and we’ve no tasks or training exercises.


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